Answer from Kabam about the new arena system



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    Answer from Kabam about the new arena system

    Post by pablohrt on Thu Mar 26, 2015 4:34 am

    Hi guys! This is a copy paste of the answer from Kabam about the new arena system and how the brackets was created. I think this can give us most clarity about the theme.

    Vash Kabam said:

    Hey all,

    We've been reading your comments about the recent arena changes and want to address some of your questions.

    Our arenas have been constantly changing based on both player feedback and our own design principles. The goal is to make a great game that our players enjoy playing so we are always looking for new ways to improve this aspect of the game.

    Here are some of the changes we made as a direct result of player feedback:

    1. All players used to be in 1 large multi-star arena, we changed this quickly to allow players with stronger rosters to play together for higher prizes.
    2. Players asked for shorter arenas, so we changed arena duration from 7 days, and then split into 2 3-day arenas per week. This increased the prizes given out overall and made arenas more accessible for players.
    3. New players reported having a hard time being competitive with veterans, so we segmented arenas by account age to allow new players to compete.

    These are all examples of changes we've made in response to player feedback over the last few months. We're always looking to improve and this is a journey we are on together so thanks for helping us and keep it coming.

    Now let's talk about some concerns that have been brought up with recent segmentation

    Question: Why were brackets balanced so that veterans are in a harder bracket than new players?

    Answer: This was intended to allow new players a chance to compete. To keep the game healthy there must be a way for new players to feel like they can compete against the veteran players. The best way we could accomplish this was through chronological segmentation. Please continue to share your suggestions on improving segmentation. Keep in mind that some suggestions may be more technically complex than you think.

    Question: If the odds were improved, why did it feel like it was actually harder for us to win? We feel mislead.

    Answer: With the release of Doctor Strange we had a much higher rate of participation than in the past. This means that while the overall odds were significantly better, participation made their impact on the average chance to win a prize much more modest. Still an improvement, though.

    Because of these competing forces, some of you in very competitive segments needed a lot of points to get the prize you were after. However, without bracketing many of you would have placed even lower.

    The brackets allowed us to grant nearly double the prizes that we have given in previous arenas. This resulted in a larger overall amount of prizes per player.

    Question: Why does it seem like every arena I participate in just gets harder and harder?

    Answer: While player participation is mostly driving this, it appears that thus far, the second runs of arenas are easier to place higher in. However, we recognize that making this statement public may impact this trend negatively. Use this info as you wish.

    We have learned a great deal with this first attempt at creating brackets and as we said we would love to get more of your feedback on how you feel we can improve the system.

    We only ask that you keep the suggestions constructive for the purpose of keeping this discussion open.

    We would like to also discuss some of the upcoming changes to arenas:

    We are implementing some major new systems that will add a lot more individual choice and strategy to how players compete in the arenas in coming updates. This will help players who are clever be more successful in arenas.

    We want to give Alliances more ways to collaborate in arenas, which we hope to roll out before long.

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