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    Alpha cat from FFA

    Post by Slayex on Sun Apr 12, 2015 11:34 pm

    This post is from the Kabam forum:

    I was starting to believe that it was just a rumor about the alpha catalyst being rewarded in the "Collectors Free For All". It is not! I have just obtained the elusive alpha from a quest chest drop. I 100% the whole grounds easy, medium, & hard. On my 3rd pass through the hard level/easy route when the rewards & chests were opened, there was my alpha. I have finally taken my 4* Star Lord into rank 3 of 5. I have been playing the "Collectors Free For All" every Sunday for the last three weeks trying to obtain the alpha, this week it finally happened. Thanks Kabam for the Alpha. Here's a link to check out the Alpha screen shot I took & I also included a screen shot of my 4* Champ in rank 3 after using the Alpha catalyst to rank up.

    Alpha image:
    Ranked up Starlord:

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