We need a Chat app for the Alliance?



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    We need a Chat app for the Alliance?

    Post by pablohrt on Fri Apr 10, 2015 2:01 am

    Hello guys.

    I think yes, because is an easy way to talk with all of us and share screenshots or any media very easily and finally leave the silly chat in the game.

    My proposal is Telegram, because is a multiplataform app works in Android and iOS, and no matter if you are in a tablet/iPad or in your phone, Telegram works just nice.

    To start with Telegram you only need download the app in your phone, and follow the steps.

    Once you get the message of welcome, you are ready. I choice Telegram because is easy and we don't need our phone numbers to start a group in the app, In Settings we can choice an username (I recommend the same as in the game) and that way we can find the people in the alliance.

    I think is a great idea, if you agree about the chat app, you can start to do the steps to get your username in the app and when you are ready Slayex or me start to do the group in the app.

    What do you think guys? If you need more help about the app or how it works you can answer here or you can visit the official website: https://telegram.org/faq


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    Re: We need a Chat app for the Alliance?

    Post by Talynrex on Fri Apr 10, 2015 2:55 pm

    Personally I have used link before. It is also a multi platform app. And works like text messaging. It was used effectively when I played War of Heroes, but I'm open for anything

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